Why is Gender Equality important?

Why is Gender Equality important?

Why is Gender Equality important?

Today worldwide, we believe that equal rights should exist between men and women. Many organizations are working for the women rights now a days. They are developing programs for granting women access to health, education, and economic rights, and political participation. However, women usually have fewer opportunities than men to benefit from economic development, and in other areas of life. Gender equality is important because:

Equal rights for men and women:

Gender biases have rooted in our culture, it is very difficult to eliminate them. Women are working longer hours than men but are being paid less. Women are making up two-thirds of all illiterate people in the world, therefore it is very important to educate women and girls on a large platform.

Gender inequality is basically the imbalance of power between men and women. It is a major problem on local, national and global level. It does not only affect the lives of individual men and women, but the inequality between genders also stunts economic growth and hinders development of the country. By providing equal rights to men and women, we can create a strengthen working environment.

Economic development:

If we want a good and sustainable development, then we have to end the discrimination toward women. Hence we should provide equal opportunities for education and employment to girls.

Gender equality has been shown as a stimulator for the economic growth and development, which is crucial for so-called developing countries. By giving women equal opportunities, we can create a healthy and sustainable environment for work.

Empowering women to work and towards finances, has benefits not just for the individuals, but also for the larger economy.

Poverty reduction:

As gender equality is important for women, it helps in the reduction of poverty from the society. Women and young girls bear the impact of poverty. According to the United Nations report, 60% of people suffering from chronic hunger are women which is very serious problem. Hence women more vulnerable to food scarcity, violence and even extreme weather conditions caused by climate change.

When women are excluded from working environment, economies suffer and poverty continues its cycle. If we want to end extreme poverty, we should provide equal opportunities to the women and remove these barriers from their path to success.

When women play their role as an active participant in economic society, the household finances runs smoothly. There will be no burden on men to run the family budget alone, hence the whole family benefits.

Access to Education:

Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, will be beneficial for sustained economies and humanity at a large level. By building schools and colleges in rural areas, we can set up more workshops and training for women and girls to educate them properly. In this way, we can raise the community awareness on the importance of female education.

Both men and women should be provided with equal rights of education on merit basis. Many training center and organizations are working to provide the basic rights to women. They are educating them on a good level so that they can earn money for themselves as well as for the household finances.

What can we do?

By creating an open and friendly atmosphere to address gender discrimination issues; such as equal health, education, economic rights, it is very critical to involve both parties (men and women) in this case rather than only women. Gender equality in the workplace means that women should have the same opportunities and they should participate equally. Hence their salaries should be the same as for the men.

By providing the quality education to the young girls, we can reduce:

  • Malnutrition rate among children
  • Child marriages/ forced marriages
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Violence against women
  • Pay gap between men and women

We can also promote women’s empowerment internships and volunteer programs that mainly focus on gender equality. Through these programs, many women play more active roles in their communities and in wider society. We can also play our role as an active volunteer and contribute directly to the sustainable development goal of gender equality.

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